What changes between the relationship of husband and wife in after married life

changes relation after married life between husband and wife

Some people say that life after marriage is not life. And some people also say that after marriage, life becomes more fun. The life in which we find our own family. We become parents, we have children. Raising them, caring for them, playing with them, talking to them. All this makes our life after marriage more exciting.

Everyone answers this question in different ways. Everyone has different opinions. You love your partner as much as you do before marriage. But the real thing is that after marriage, there is definitely some change in contact between husband and wife. And no one can stop this change. Because then you don't live for yourself, you live for others. You live for your family. So both of them have a lot of complaints, both have to do a lot of sacrificing.

5 changes between the relationship of husband and wife in after married life

Friends, marriage is such an unbreakable bond where you are tied up in a lot of relationships. And you have to handle every relationship with great responsibility. While playing this responsibility, some mistake is made. Because no person can bear so many responsibilities at once. So perhaps this is why after marriage there are some changes in the relationship between husband and wife.

After Marriage Changes in movie dates

This change is seen most in those couples who knew each other even before marriage, used to date each other. Because before marriage, if you are in a relationship with someone. Walking around with them, going to the movies with them. And one of the special features of the couple is that if they want to watch any movie, they watch the first show of the first day. There is some change in it after marriage. As we said, you have to do a lot of relationships after marriage. So you don't get time to go to the movie only. And your first day's first show is missed. Watching your first-day first show gets converted on digital platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime.

Agreement with hobbies and relaxation

We used to have a lot of time before marriage. Because only the responsibilities were less. But when it comes to responsibility, it becomes very difficult to take time for yourself. And this is why you get less in married life. At the same time, you get very little time for the work you like.

After marriage, a husband has to manage his business or to manage his company. And after that, you to come home and take care of them. On the other hand, a wife has to take care of everything in the house. Every relationship has to perform well. Meanwhile, after the whole day, when both of you make time for each other, by then it is night. And there is concern that we have to get up in the morning and go to the office, and we have to do the housework. In this thinking you fall asleep, there is no talk with each other.

Space demand in personal life

You may also have shared your social media password with your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Perhaps there is no girlfriend or boyfriend in the world who does not know each other's password. We do not answer why we share this password. But if you compare this situation after your marriage, then you will see that you used to give your password to your partner earlier. But after marriage, you do not share your password with your partner. And if you share, you change it after a few days. The big reason for this is that after marriage, you need a space. Because you have to get out of your day-to-day life and find time for yourself separately.

Lose Perfect figure

You too must have loved someone in college life. And you may have been married to him. You must have told that girl, or that boy, that I have loved seeing your heart. But the truth is that you fell in love with her by looking at her personality, her figure, her face. But where is this personality, this face, this figure, after marriage?

Converting long drive to late-night walk

Often it is nice to talk to your partner from long drive to late-night before marriage, but after the same marriage, these things end completely. If the long drive turns into a late-night walk, then late-night things get stuck in the responsibilities of home and children.


You will not be able to deny that, life before marriage was different, the life of after marriage is not the same. Even if you want, you cannot change this condition of life after marriage. Because of this condition of life after marriage is natural. 

When you are not able to violate this natural law, then you should find your happiness in natural law itself.

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